We help clients become leaders using end-to-end Machine Learning solutions.

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Logikka provides detailed assessment and training on data strategy, followed by an end to end solution to a business problem, and the improvement of relevant KPIs.

During this vital stage, we rely on the “Business Science Problem Framework”, which is a much improved successor to the old CRISP-DM methodology.

We make a serious effort to understand the business challenge in detail, translate it into a data and AI problem, integrate all the company data relevant to the problem, prototype and iterate through the AI solutions, evaluate the predictive model results against agreed upon KPIs, and deploy the model - this decision being made together between our Data Scientists, and the client’s business stakeholders.

We provide
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End-to-End Solutions

Our solutions are always implemented keeping our “end-to-end” AI philosophy in mind: data engineering and robust ETL creation, advanced analytics and visualization for actionable insight, experimentation and prototyping with Machine and Deep Learning algorithms, whilst tying results directly to business KPIs, deployment and monitoring of models, and providing easy-to-use decision making tools to key stakeholders and decision makers.

We rely on Python and R, as well as various tools and technologies that enable us to deliver reliable solutions.

We help companies to reach higher standards.


Apart from our consulting and implementation services, we also offer in-house corporate training programs, of varying length - both ones that we deliver on a regular basis, both courses that are partly or completely customized to the client’s needs. Among the courses we regularly offer are:

AI and Data Science for ExecutivesR for Data SciencePython for Data ScienceR for Excel & SQL Users
Some of the customized courses that we have done so far are:

R for Finance and Risk ManagementPractical Python for Business AnalyticsSoftware Engineering Best Practices for Data Scientists

About Us


We want to create a consultancy that works not for, but together with clients in order to, firstly, solve their business problems using AI and ML, but more importantly, implement a data strategy and transform the business into a data-driven one, where decisions are based on hard numbers and best-in-class data strategy practices, in order to add value, improve the bottom line, and give the client a unique competitive edge on the market.


Logikka’s mission with every client is to provide detailed assessment of the current data strategy and data governance, and suggest solutions to crucial business pain points, that can be solved through ML and AI, while putting the solutions, tied to critical business KPIs, and tools for using these solutions, directly into the hands of decision makers, in an easy to use way. With Logikka’s solutions, you can rest assured that the solution we provide will not require significant learning in order to use it for data-driven decision making.

Who are we?

Founded by a full-stack Data Scientist, our team combines years of experience in advanced analytics, predictive modeling, Data Science and Machine Learning Engineering.

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